36, Mc Gregor

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  • Project : 36, Mc Gregor
  • Category : Timber Fascia
  • Status : Completed
  • Tags : roofing, replacement, Fascia, Edge Guard Installation

Project Description

A large work space was created, complete with edge guard installations. Cleaning and painting a 451-square-meter roof in Headland shade was followed by painting 53 metres of fascia and replacing 115 metres of gutter and 36 metres of downpipes, all in Classic Cream. Tiles above the Asbestos eaves removal area were strategically removed, allowing for the safe and systematic removal of 123 square metres of Asbestos eaves. During the winter, the exposed eaves and roof spaces were meticulously tarped and covered to ensure protection during the construction.

Notably, proposals for an update were made to the client, recommending a move from eaves under the tiles to eaves under the rafters. The idea also included the installation of a timber fascia, which would modernise the building while improving safety by creating a secure space for electrical and plumbing services—a complete approach to improving both aesthetics and functionality.

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