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Our product line is carefully chosen to guarantee that every repair project receives the best level of attention and dependability, from premium materials obtained from top suppliers to cutting-edge tools and technology. We carefully choose items recognised for their robustness against a variety of external factors because we recognise how important it is to use exceptional materials to produce results that last.

Our Range of Products

Colorbond is a tribute to the industry's inventiveness and quality. Colorbond steel is a popular material choice due to its great durability, weather resistance, and brilliant colour possibilities. Whether mending damaged portions or completely refurbishing your roof, our use of Colorbond ensures that your roof not only gets restored but also gains a new degree of resistance to severe conditions.

As a Dulux Accredited Applicator, we deliver unique knowledge and quality assurance to every project. Being recognised by Dulux demonstrates our dedication to excellence and skill in the application of their high-quality coatings and products. Dulux products are well-known for their exceptional quality, longevity, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. When you choose PGSM, you are choosing a team that is certified and supported by Dulux, ensuring the greatest quality of craftsmanship and product performance.

Calidad Industries manufactures, supplies, and instals innovative natural lighting, roof ventilation systems, and energy efficient solutions that satisfy the highest industrial and environmental standards in Western Australia. An energy-efficient skylight may bring natural light into any home or business. Sky Tunnel Australia's newest tubular day-lighting system is among the products we offer. We also provide whirlybirds and business or residential roof ventilation solutions.

Ampelite is the largest and most knowledgeable distributor, manufacturer of fibreglass and polycarbonate roof sheets in Australia. We guarantee that your roof benefits from materials made with accuracy, durability, and state-of-the-art technology by using Ampelite's fibreglass and polycarbonate roof sheets in our repair procedures. Our partnership with Ampelite lets us provide solutions that improve the calibre and durability of your roof, whether it be through damage repair, leak detection, or roofing system upgrade.

We have access to a wide choice of premium materials and are a proud partner of Bunnings, Australia's leading retailer of lifestyle and home improvement products. This guarantees the best possible repairs for your roof. Our dedication to excellence is ideally matched with Bunnings' position as a leading supplier to project builders, commercial tradespeople, and the housing industry. Because of our partnership, we have access to a wide range of superior roofing materials that are specially suited to each repair project's requirements.

Web Industrial is known for the fastenings, fixings, related hardware, sealants, adhesives, roof flashings, accessories, and personal protective equipment. We take great pride in providing our clients with cutting-edge, dependable, and reasonably priced brands.

Supporting local suppliers and Australian made products

We at PGSM take great pride not just in providing excellent services but also in supporting our local community and the Australian economy. We prioritise using materials sourced from local suppliers as part of our dedication to quality and sustainability, and we proudly advocate Australian-made items in all of our repair operations.

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