7-11 Dalton Way

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  • Project : 7-11 Dalton Way
  • Category : Roof Replacement
  • Status : Completed
  • Tags : roofing, replacement, timbers, downpipes

Project Description

The project started with the careful pre-ordering of all required supplies, which was followed by prompt notifications to all stakeholders before the team was mobilised to the location. To guarantee efficiency and safety, a comprehensive setup of the work space was created, including edge guards for roof work. Termite damage was discovered after asbestos was removed and disposed of properly, resulting in the necessary clearance certificate. Quick action was done, installing new timbers to the eaves and replacing the old ones in accordance with Australian requirements.The project included a large replacement phase that included 12 metres of barge board and scribe board each, along with 185 metres of Colorbond fascia, slotted gutter, and downpipes in Manor Red hue. Furthermore, eaves lining of 190 square metres was installed and supplied. In addition to necessary tree cutting, roof care comprised washing, pointing, and sealing 1050 square metres of roof tiles.

The existing concrete slabs and clotheslines were removed, and three 39-meter clotheslines were installed in their stead. Additionally, an engineered brick fence, 125 square metres of brick pavers, and fifteen metres of Colorbond fencing with gates were added in two sections. Engineer-specified carports covering 118 square metres were installed, walls measuring 10 square metres were rendered and painted, and the pavement was given a high-pressure cleaning.

Painting eaves, gas boxes, electrical boxes, doors, pergolas, light bollards, veranda floors, picket fences, timber transoms, lattice, roof flashings, and penetrations in the appropriate colours were all part of the careful process.

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