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  • Project : Pitino
  • Category : Roof Replacement
  • Status : Completed
  • Tags : roofing, replacement

Project Description

The project began with the creation of the work area, which included a 32-foot motorised scissor lift and the essential site bins for smooth operations. All electrical components on the roof were temporarily disconnected and removed to guarantee safety and efficiency. Flashing, cappings, roof sheets, insulation, and non-compliant roof safety mesh were all removed in a systematic manner. Compliance was meticulously satisfied by delivering and installing 1600m2 of Roof Safety Mesh and Anti-con insulation in accordance with Australian Standards. Custom zinc box guttering, 1600m2 of TrimDek roof sheeting, and fitted zinc apron, barge, and dry pan flashings were all precisely provided and installed.

After completion, all electrical components were meticulously reconnected, as well as watertight penetration flashings/dektites installed. The thoroughness extended to the cleanup phase, which included leaving the site pristine by removing all trash, containers, and the EWP, assuring a complete project conclusion.

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The Artistry of PGS Maintenance

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